What We Do

We are career experts who take the stress out of job hunting, career planning, interviewing, negotiating a better salary— everything that we like to call career transitions. Whether you are switching industries or starting over, looking for your first job or trying to find your post-retirement gig, we create successful, stress-free career transitions.

At Career Cooperative, we empower lightbulb moments. We’re talking about the moments when doubts disappear and everything comes into perfect focus— moments that create clarity. We offer personalized coaching that is tailored to your needs. We are the sounding board, career encyclopedia, professional branding strategist, copy editor, accountability partner, and confidence boost you need to take charge of your career, ask for what you want in negotiations, or knock your next interview out of the park. We’ll listen intently and create a plan that addresses your needs: insider tips for an effective job-hunt, a breath of new life into your resume, the perfect phrasing to explain why you left your great-on-paper job. . . we’re your secret weapon.


Who We Are

Through our combined decade in full-cycle recruiting, we’ve worked with hundreds of candidates and companies and learned a lot in the process. When you have a focus, understand your value, master the magic of your story, and build a supportive and diverse community, the realm of possibilities is endless.

We found each other at a boutique recruiting agency in San Francisco while we were both navigating career transitions of our own. As the founding members of the agency’s Temporary Division, we found ourselves diving headfirst into a business that we were just learning about. It taught us a lot. We were able to create success by partnering with each other to innovate creative pathways and, after a lot of hard work, built the Temporary Division into a successful multi-million dollar business.

What we loved most about recruiting was taking time to understand where people were encountering difficulties, and finding pathways for them to achieve their goals. Fast-paced problem-solving is our superpower, and we’re excited to share it with all of you.

Our lightbulb moment sparked when realized we wanted to work together again, and build a business and community where we can use our diverse experience to coach others in their career transitions and empower their own lightbulb moments.

Your Career Experts


Dana, Founding Partner


Dana graduated into one of the worst job markets since the great recession, and started her career in Public Relations. After wining and dining her way through tech and lifestyle PR, she made a career transition of her own to recruiting where she discovered her superpower: coaching candidates and companies to make connections and build their brands. When she's not coaching clients through personal branding, job hunt strategy, or finding their voice in interviews, you can find Dana cozying up to a good book, lots of them, a new travel destination, or nature—preferably by some body of water.


Jenna, Founding Partner


Jenna is a San Francisco native who is an expert at navigating transitions. She started her career coaching international high school students through the transformative (and sometimes terrifying) experience of cultural exchange before making a change of her own to recruiting. Agency recruiting created the perfect opportunity to shine a light on Jenna’s superpower: asking the right questions to get to the root of an issue, and motivating others to successfully navigate toward positive change. Jenna found her spark when she was tasked with building a team of her own, and was able to empower her team members to success. When she’s not connecting people or asking thought-provoking questions, you can find her dancing Samba, keeping family culinary traditions alive, or traveling!