Career Cooperative Vacation Planner: What To Ask Yourself Before Requesting Time Off Work

Career Cooperative_Vacation Planner_Requesting PTO_Career Coach .png

We've all faced it before - an incredible flight deal to a tropical dream destination just landed in your inbox. It has to be a sign it's time to book a vacation right? Well, that depends - should you request the time off work? Follow Career Cooperative's Vacation Planner to help you decide if you should book that flight! 

  • Should I book that flight?

  • Do I have any PTO left?

  • Do I have anything else booked?

  • What do my project timelines look like?

  • Is anyone else on my team out of the office?

  • Am I performing well?

  • Have I checked-in with my manager?

  • All clear! Do I need a new bathing suite?

Safe travels!

Career AdviceDana Hundley