Job Search 101: Career Cooperative’s New Grad Package

Your last final is done, you’ve walked across the graduation stage, and your official diploma is in the mail. Now what? It’s a question millions of graduates will be asking themselves as they prepare to drive away from their respective colleges. And while most may have a general idea of what they want to do, their major-specific classes likely haven’t covered HOW to actually go get a job after college.

From experience, we know we were so focused on getting to graduation, that we didn’t really think about how we were going to transition our educational experience into a career role. After graduation we wanted to know how to write an effective resume and cover letter; how to network and find resources if you are moving to a new city; how to determine if you are qualified for a job; how to talk about your transferable skills in an interviews; and so much more.

job search 101_careercooperative_packages.png

And while there are career resources on campus, we’ve worked with some amazing college Career Centers through our recruiting, the truth is that students don’t always take advantage of them.

That’s where we come in, with a proposed class we like to call ‘Job Search 101.’ The course syllabus goes something like this: Resume & Cover Letter Writing; Building Community & Using LinkedIn Effectively; Strategic Job Hunting; and Interviewing To Get The Offer. It’s the practical course work that is often missing from a course catalogue and something we frankly think should be a required class to graduate. Because if you don’t have the tools to turn your education into a paying job - what is the point of the diploma anyway?

Turns out we aren’t professors - we are career coaches, so we’ve created a special crash course package for new grads to provide the practical learning and coaching needed to land a job. Our ‘Job Search 101’ package includes two half hour coaching sessions, personalized game plan to attack your job hunt, resume & cover letter feedback and best practices, and interview tips & tricks that is available NOW for $300!

Want more than just a crash course? We also offer tailored packages for you, or any new grad in your life!