Discover Your Shine: 10 Confidence Boosters

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Discovering your shine means being your most confident self. And when it comes to your career, confidence will not only create opportunity, but will empower you to take action that will bring you greater fulfillment in the long-term.

Discovering your shine is the self-care you practice to feel empowered; how you pump yourself up to prepare for an interview or a big career change; the motivational tools you use to tackle a new job or project; or as simple as how you create space in your busy day to be present and aware. Your shine is brighter when you are your best self, so whether you are thinking about a career transition, in the dog days of job hunting, or just looking for some self-care tips, here are ten ways to discover your shine.

  1. Mediate - Clear your head, find your center, and drop into being more present. For the meditation novice, there are apps to offer support and guided mediation like Simple Habit (which is also a women-owned business!).

  2. Exercise - get active, hit the gym, take your favorite dance class, or get out and hike in some beautiful nature. Exercise releases endorphins, and sweat - both of which make you shine!

  3. Listen to an inspirational podcast or audiobook - some of our recent favorites include The Bruce Lee Podcast, Becoming by Michelle Obama, and The Path Made Clear by Oprah Winfrey

  4. Pep talk with your favorite cheerleader - you know, your friend who always knows the right thing to say that makes you feel like you can take on the world.

  5. Belt out your favorite tune - Singing has been statistically proven to brighten your shine.** Or just listening to your favorite songs - loudly.

  6. Wear your lucky interview outfit - or your favorite ‘insert any piece of clothing or accessory that gives you an extra pep in your step.’

  7. Find a creative outlet  - Painting, dance, signing, sculpture - try a new way to express yourself.

  8. Digital detox for silent time - there are a million ways to create space (you know, that quiet time in your head where you actually have room to focus on you and dream), an easy way to do that is to turn off ALL your screens and devices for at least 15 minutes. Take a breath and appreciate the digital silence.

  9. Words of Affirmation - Inspirational quotes, motivational mantras, and loving, encouraging words that spring a smile to your face. You can start a pinterest board like us to get started.

  10. Enlist a Career Coach - (Shameless plug alert) sometimes you need to bring in the experts, especially when a career transition feels daunting and you don’t know where to start. Career coaches, like us, can provide insider knowledge, create tailored, strategic plans so you don’t feel lost, and empower you to feel confident in any stage of your career-- whether you’re actively job searching, interviewing, or just feeling stuck.

**Statistical data set of two individuals (Dana & Jenna) singing in the car.